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We negotiate leases and acquisitions all day every day for some of the biggest companies in the country. Small “mom & pops” too. If you think you’d benefit from our help, just contact us.

Commercial leases ARE complicated. It’s normal to  wonder:

  • commercial leasing consultantIs this lease a fair deal?

  • Am I missing anything in the fine print?

  • Am I making a costly mistake?

  • Am I going to get FIRED over making a big mistake?

We’re a committed group of professional lease advisors & negotiators who like helping people. We empower Tenants with expert lease advice, quickly and affordably.  Took us decades to learn the critical secrets we share with you. No question is too dumb, and we explain all lease terms in clear, easy-to-understand language. Together, we’ll discuss very important business points you may want to change, add or eliminate. Have people up the chain of command to answer to? With us on board, you’re a hero.

Outcomes from our commercial lease advice include:

An office tenant in Chicago made MILLIONS of dollars because of a lease term we suggested!

A Florida Furniture Store owner was surprised to receive THOUSANDS of dollars in “build-out contributions” from the Landlord simply because we had him ask.

A North Carolina Surgeon was able to GET OUT of his medical office lease when circumstances unexpectedly soured, because of a “Landlord-Conditions” Lease Term we suggested.

Remember the financial crises a few years ago? We had a bank client insert a “kick-out clause” into their lease. They thought it was silly. Totally unnecessary. They were booming, and would NEVER need to leave the location. Imagine their relief a few years later when things changed, and their pre-negotiated “lease termination clause” saved them a ton of money.

How about “right-sizing”? With our Space-Size Worksheet you will have a much better handle on the amount of space you really need. Now AND later. We really beamed the day we were sitting in the Boardroom and the architect told everyone present that this was the best pre-planning he had ever seen. We were working with the VP who looked like a hero in front of her boss. We didn’t take any credit, naturally, but SHE knew who was responsible.

We have hundreds of examples. Fact is, our commercial property lease advice will save you massively more than the cost, and beyond money, we’ll help you minimize risks from possible, future events, and make your boss think you’re a genius.

 Will the Landlord fight me on lease changes?

Our experience is that getting changes made to the lease is easy. REALLY! After our consultation you take our ideas back to the Landlord and request  he or she change the Lease to reflect them. Most Landlords will do it with no fuss, because the business points we suggest MAKE SENSE, and you’re just being a smart Tenant. Smart Tenants are good things. Their businesses succeed. They pay their rent! Remember: Landlords want to fill their space, and they are not going to let reasonable things stand in the way.

Hey, most Landlords and their agents are wonderful people! But it’s not their job to make sure you are receiving the best possible terms. That’s our job when you retain us as your commercial leasing consultant.

We make complicated Commercial Real Estate Leases your friend, not your enemy!


Landlord say: “No changes to the lease”?

Has your Landlord said, “This is a Standard Commercial Real Estate Lease, and we don’t make any changes”? Some Florida doctors were told this when negotiating for medical space. One had us take a look at the lease anyway. Imagine his glee when, chatting with his associates at a cocktail party a few months later, he mentioned the half-dozen changes he got the Landlord to make in the “standard commercial real estate lease”! The others had signed it as-is, and opened themselves up to far more financial exposure than needed. Fact is, many landlords don’t even know all the implications of their commercial lease terms, and our experience is there is always room for improvement.

Lease coming up for Renewal?

Your lease have an Option to Renew? Lease Renewals as a Negotiable Event! We covered this in a Blog Post pretty well, but suffice it to say, we can add a lot of value to your situation when your lease comes up for renewal.

DO IT YOURSELF?? Thinking of negotiating the commercial real estate lease by yourself? There is a ton of Free Information on the web. We provide massive amounts of it too! You can spend days and weeks trying to learn the business. Or just call us and we step in. Seriously, think about it. Do you operate on yourself when you need surgery? If so, then OK – maybe negotiating commercial leases is something you can do too! If not, our expert help guarantees you’ll save lots of money, and eliminate a lot of risk.

About our website: Lots of good information here! All good, useful stuff, and we don’t sugarcoat anything. Perhaps you can solve your issues by yourself – we’re fine with that – we’re not trying to do a sales job on you. An additional reason for all the content on this site? So the search engines, and You, will find us if you need us. Thanks.

We are leasing consultants. Commercial Lease Advisors. We are not attorneys and do not offer legal opinions.

And we only consult on commercial real estate leases: office, retail and industrial leases – nothing residential or having to do with autos and equipment.

For equipment you might try www.Lease-Smart.com (with a “dash”) and tell Gary Greene hello for us!