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you can save money with LeaseSmartCommercial leases are complicated. When you need help understanding or negotiating your lease, call on LeaseSmart; our experts do it every day — for everyone from the biggest corporations in the country to local mom-and-pop businesses.

“Saved Us Several Thousand Dollars”: My wife was starting a new business and needed to lease a commercial space. We’d not had previous experience in this arena and didn’t want to allow our inexperience to cause us to make a poor business decision which could have lead to business failure. I’d known the people at LeaseSmart for some time and knew they could be trusted to lead us in the right direction. In reviewing the terms of the lease as well as pricing I was correct in hiring them! They recommended many changes during the back and forth negotiation process that worked out in our favor which allowed us to save several thousand dollars over the terms of the lease as well as having renewal options in our favor. I’ve already recommended them to others as I know they’ll be an asset to them as well. – Steve L., Asheville, NC

“Reduced Our Rent By $69,000″: I just wanted to thank you for your help in negotiating our recent lease extension. This was our first experience in 28 years of business of using the services of a tenant representative, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  I originally felt pretty helpless when our corporate landlord came at us with a 20% increase in our already high office space rental. But with your experience you were able to act as our middleman and successfully reduce our 2 year lease by over $69,000 and get an air conditioner replacement allowance of $6500, all at no cost to us!  Thank you again for your excellent work. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone entering into a commercial lease. – Gil G. – St. Petersburg Beach, FL


Got enough on your plate? LeaseSmart will take care of your lease. Examples:

  • An office tenant in Chicago earned millions of dollars from a leasing term we suggested.
  • A Florida storeowner received thousands of dollars in “build-out contributions” from the landlord because we recommended he simply ask for it.
  • A North Carolina surgeon was able to terminate his medical office lease when circumstances unexpectedly soured because of a “Landlord Conditions” term we inserted into his lease.
  • A bank client inserted a “lease termination clause” into his lease at our recommendation. Although he thought it totally unnecessary, it ended up saving him a ton of money.
  • An executive used our Space-Size Worksheet to determine the amount of space her company really needed. When her Board of Directors told everyone that hers was the best pre-planning ever presented, she looked like a hero in front of her boss.

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Why You Should Seek Help on Your Lease

LeaseSmart is a committed group of professional lease negotiators who empower tenants with expert lease advice, quickly and affordably. Take advantage of our decades of experience in learning the critical secrets of lease negotiations, which we provide to you in clear, easy-to-understand language. Our commercial lease advice always saves our clients much more than the cost of that advice – we guaranty it! See our services and pricing.

When to Negotiate Your Commercial Lease

LeaseSmart helps you renegotiate your leaseBefore you sign a lease, consult with the experts at LeaseSmart. If your lease has an Option to Renew, you have an opportunity to renegotiate your lease. We can add significant value to your situation when your lease comes up for renewal.

If you want to negotiate your commercial real estate lease by yourself, you can find a lot of free information on the Internet, but there is nothing like talking to a pro. Instead of spending days learning the ins and outs, call LeaseSmart and work with experts who  guarantee you’ll save money and eliminate risk.

Negotiating Commercial Real Estate leases is our specialty. We only consult on commercial real estate leases — office, retail and industrial leases; nothing residential or having to do with autos and equipment. We are not attorneys and do not offer legal opinions or specific lease language. If you need legal help, use these resources from the American Bar Association: