You need advice on your commercial lease. It’s OK, almost everyone does.

Butcher. Baker. Candlestick maker. Lawyers, doctors, hedge fund managers too!

commercial leasing consultantYou want to make sure:

  • Is this a fair deal?
  • Am I missing anything?
  • Am I making a costly mistake?

That’s where we come in. Quick and easy. Explain the things you need to know. What business points in your commercial lease you may want to change, add or eliminate. Hey, most Landlords and their agents are wonderful people! But it’s not their job to make sure you are receiving the best possible terms. That’s our job as your commercial leasing consultant.

Negotiating a commercial real estate lease by yourself? Do you also perform your own operations and create your own legal documents? If so, maybe negotiating commercial leases is something you can do too! If not, you may want some expert advice, and save lots of money, and eliminate a lot of risk.

Has your Landlord told you, “This is a Standard Commercial Real Estate Lease, and we don’t make any changes.”? A group of Florida doctors heard this when negotiating for medical space. One had us take a look at the lease anyway. Imagine his glee when, chatting with his doctor friends at a cocktail party a few months later, he mentioned the half-dozen changes he got the Landlord to make in the “standard commercial real estate lease”! The others had signed it as-is. Fact is, many landlords don’t even know all the implications of their commercial lease terms and language, and our experience is there is almost always room for improvement.

Curious to hear some actual examples of the improvements our advice has wrought? No problem!

How about the Chicago Client who literally made MILLIONS of dollars because of a simple lease term we suggested?!

Or the Florida Client who received THOUSANDS of dollars in build-out contributions from the Landlord simply because we asked.

Or the North Carolina Client who was able to GET OUT of his lease when circumstances unexpectedly soured, because of a Lease Term we suggested.

We could continue with hundreds of examples. Fact is, it is almost certain our lease advice will save you ten to one hundred times more money than it costs, and beyond money, we’ll help you minimize risks from possible, future events.

How does it work? You take our ideas back to the Landlord who then typically makes changes and additions to the lease based on the business points we suggest. After those changes are made, you then take the Lease to your attorney for final, legal review. Makes the process quicker. Easier. Less Expensive.

** We are leasing consultants. Commercial Lease Advisors. We are not attorneys and do not offer legal opinions or specific lease language**

We also don’t advise residential leases! Please don’t contact us for those. We only offer advice on commercial real estate leases: office, retail & industrial.

Looking for a commercial EQUIPMENT Lease – you know, autos and machinery? We don’t DO that, we only handle commercial REAL ESTATE leases. BUT the nice people at do equipment leasing, so contact them, and tell Gary Greene hello for us!